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BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink

Many of you golf enthusiasts out there may have come across the hash-tag #DrinkThePink before and if you watch enough of the PGA Tour you will see a lot of the Pros having a pink drink. After a bit of an in-depth look you will see that it is now the drink of choice for the majority of touring pros.


So what is it? BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink. Simply put it is a sports drink that is designed to maintain energy and focus while on the course. It contains amino acids, electrolytes, organic materials and B vitamins - all the necessary tools to fight dehydration and exhaustion. A key feature is that it is sugar-free and gluten-free. The sports drinks that you find in your pro-shop fridge can contain over 30grams of sugar per bottle, that’s more sugar than most cupcakes. For a sport like golf a sugar high is definitely not ideal and the goal all golfers should be aiming for is consistency throughout the round, both in play and physical and mental performance.


The taste from a first-timers perspective is hard to pinpoint but it is a fruity or berry like flavour and we found it quite delicious leaving a crisp, refreshing taste. It is definitely a different taste to any other beverages out there, particularly ones you find in the pro-shop fridge.


BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink was created by Matt Nichol, a veteran strength and conditioning coach with years of experience across the NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA, Tennis and the Canadian National Olympic team. It was designed for his elite athletes and all BioSteel products have independent certifications. This ensures that there are no illegal substances under any worldwide sports supplement health codes.


Our suggestion is to add one scoop to a 600ml bottle of water. If you are a golfer who normally leaves the drinks for the round until you get to the course, then try Packet Tubes. They come in a box of 14 and works out to being about $2.80 per drink. The 375gram tub contains 60 servings. When you look at what most golf clubs are charging for a bottle of sugar sports drink, it really is a much better option.


For the elite players it’s a must and for every golfer it will give you that little edge over the rest of your group. By making the little change and using BioSteel your body will have a lot less sugar but the scorecard should look a lot sweeter.


LudoGolf Team Hits

+ No Sugar and Gluten-Free

+ Good Taste

+ Nutritious benefits

+ Helps maintain focus throughout the whole round

+ Cheaper option that most sports drinks

Customer Review - Alial Fital

Independent Customer Review 

Alial Fital

By Alex Bennett

May 2015

Firstly, I was thinking “what a funny name for a golf clothing brand”. Then after having a bit of a look, all I could think of was “how fantastic is this!” The idea is simple: golf performance polo with a dress collar. Alial Fital is an American based brand that is creating a strong presence amongst the golf community and they mean business, sponsoring some of the PGA’s established players in Bo Van Pelt and Jim Renner.


The core features of Alial Fital are their polos. They have taken the modern golf polo and added a feature dress collar. Offering pattern prints and colours with their unique style gives it an edge over others. To cap it all off, each polo designed is a limited edition of only 100 and they will never be repeated. Generally, they do solid block colours and mix it up with a patterned collar and even sleeve trim on some designs.


You can feel the quality with the materials they use. A cotton base that allows it to breathe and a spandex weave that gives it the capability to flex and move with your body. I’ve recently taken a few on a golf trip and I loved the shirts ability to remain fresh and crease-free after being packed away. I was the envy of the other golfers wearing my Alial Fital polos.

For a quality polo it has definitely got a competitive price tag at about $129.00 in Australia. Well worth giving a go at this sort of price. I got mine from, a new Australian shop that is the exclusive local retailer for Alial Fital.

I just love the style; it simply stands out as a unique product without being flashy or lary. I can wear it on the course and look like a tour pro or everywhere else and look sharp.


Alial Fital is going off in the United State and after getting my own it is easy to see why. Most who get one come back for more and keep coming. I know I certainly will be back for more.

- Alex Bennett 


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